Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gumako's Udon Bowl and Chopsticks are Available for Overseas Purchases!

Yesterday, the pre-order Nendoroid Gumako for sale in Japan has been started. Some online shops in Indonesia already have a chance to grab her so they also open pre-order for her. And I heard such a stupid gossip that says that the chopsticks and the bowl are only for purchases in Japan so the overseas buyers won't get the udon bowl and chopsticks. I was so shocked and I just couldn't believe this rumor. It's so unbelievable for GSC to differentiate the package based on the sale area. So I decided to send an e-mail to Good Smile Company. Here is the reply:

As you can read it yourself, "there will be bowl and chopsticks are purchases within Japan and overseas" ^^
So sure we will get them although we are overseas buyers, so no need to worry, Nendonesian! ^^

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