Friday, April 01, 2011

Happy April's Fool Day!

Poor Nendoroid Luka-chan is being teased by her onee-san XD

I almost forgot that today is April's Fool Day!!!! \\(^O^)//
Finally it's the day when lying is legal! But I have to admit here in Indonesia April's Fool Day isn't very popular to do, most of us just tell a little lie. And FYI, I was already fooled today, by Shinta. When we were in the church she said, "your zipper is opened!" and I replied with a shocked stupid face, "WHAT?!!!!" then she suddenly said, "APRIL MOP!!!!"
I thought that was real! >///<

But sadly, I haven't fooled anybody and I also haven't hears any shocking lie, such as "Monas is falling down!" or something X(
What I heard for today is Alodia wanna retire from cosplay, but looks like it's an April's Fool Joke =P

But I hope you all can enjoy today!!!! ^^