Saturday, February 12, 2011

mothy - Akutoku no Judgment ~a court of greed~

I also downloaded this today >.<
mothy is awesome as usual, nice songs! Most of the songs are up-beat tempo, except Sabaku no Bluebird, which I think more pop ^^

But too bad, I haven't found any good translation for some songs in this album T_T

Album tilte: Akutoku no Judgment ~a court of greed~
Composer: mothy
Cover artwork: ?
Release date: January 16, 2011

  1. Akutoku no Judgment
  2. Chrono Story
  3. 追想のオルゴール (sorry, don't know how to read this >.<)
  4. Madame Merry-Go-Round
  5. Wendy
  6. Sabaku no Bluebird
For info, track 3 is sung by Luka, while track 5 is by Rin =)

Download here ^^


  1. kata mbah gugel translate, 追想 bacanya tsuisou
    tapi ga tau bener ato nggak, soalnya kan dia suka ketuker onyomi-kunyomi nya =p

  2. Nah, makanya gw ga berani ngasih romaji, takut salah soalnya T_T
    Gugel sering ngaro-ngidul X(