Thursday, February 24, 2011

Code Geass Gaiden ~Boukoku no Akito~

Finally, the new series of Code Geass will be done by Sunrise! The title is Code Geass Gaiden ~Boukoku no Akito~ (Code Geass Site Story ~Akito of the Ruined Nation~, gaiden means "side-story").

The setting is on a.t.b 2017 (about 5 years after Code Geass R2). Unfortunately, conflicts are still everywhere. Europe is in a big war, and a small squad of young Eleven is on a mission to rescue their allies which only has 5% of success. The main character here is a young boy named Hyuuga Akito (right), and the heroine is Layla (or Leila?).

Here's some pictures which seem to be a mecha design and information for this anime:

About the staff, the characters are still designed by CLAMP (adjusted by Kimura Takahiro) but Taniguchi Goro's position as the director is replaced by Kazuki Akane. Taniguchi Goro now will do the story concept with Okouchi Ichirou while the scenario is written by Morita Shigeru. The mecha is designed by Yasuda Akira. Unfortunately, the release date and format are still unknown. But most of Code Geass fans want this as a TV series.

Here's the very damn short trailer:

Translation (taken from moetron):

In this broken world, we still dream
a.t.b 2017
The hellish European front.
A small squad infiltrates enemy territory to save their allies.
The squadron's Nightmare Devicers are boys and Girls from Zone 11.
The mission's chance of success is only 5%.
Why do they fight

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